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For further information or to arrange a meeting, quote or capability study, please contact:

Randy Toppel, President
Michigan Pattern Works, Inc.
Ph. (616) 245-9259
Fax. (616) 245-4207

Focusing on our client's challenges has allowed us to become the preferred partner of our customers.

Thank you for this opportunity to introduce our company to you. We look forward to working with you in the future.

About Us


To be a leader in the design and manufacturing of products and parts for a diversified customer base by meeting or exceeding their requirements at a competitive price.

Quality Policy Statement

Michigan Pattern Works, Inc. utilizes a team approach to continually improve the quality policies, procedures, and techniques necessary to meet or exceed our customer expectations. We do this by continually improving the performance of man and machine, by improving quality, and by increasing output while simultaneously promoting pride of workmanship. Michigan Pattern Works, Inc. focus is to offer practical solutions to our customers by delivery quality products and services, 100% on time at competitive prices.


CNC Equipment

Sharnoa HPM-10244:

Tiger 7 Control
Travels = X 102" Y 44" Z 35" Daylight Z = 43"

Sharnoa HPM-65:

Tiger 7 Control
Travels = X 65" Y 34" Z 28" Daylight Z = 34"

Fryer VB-80:

Anilam 3300m Control
Travels = X 80" Y 35" Z 25" Daylight Z = 30"

Fryer VB-60:

Anilam 5300m Control
Travels = X 60" Y 30" Z 27" Daylight Z = 30"

Haas VF-3:

Haas Control
Travels = X 40" Y 20" Z 21" Daylight Z = 28"

Haas VF-6:

Haas Control
Travels = X 64" Y 32" Z 21" Daylight Z = 34"

CMM Equipment

Brown & Sharp / Global Status / Gantry Servo Drive:

Motorized full motion Renishaw PH10MQ Probe
PC-DMIS for windows
Travels = X 78.7" Y 35.4" Z 31.5"

DEA Gamma / Gantry Servo Drive w/ Renishaw MIH Probe:

Tutor for windows Ver. 1.4.3
Travels = X 60" Y 40" Z 40"



Full List of Services:

  • Check Gages and Fixtures
  • Vacuum and Compression Molds
  • Full Service Laser Scanning
  • Full CNC Services
  • Ultra Sonic Welding Fixtures
  • Urethane Non-Scuff Asm. Nesting
  • High Temperature Tooling
  • Rotational Mold Build
  • Special Machines
  • Vacuum Holding Fixtures
  • Gage & Fixture Design
  • Stamping Die Detail Machining
  • Compression Molds

  • Patterns
  • CMM Services
  • CAD/CAM Services
  • End of Arm Tooling
  • Hand Lay-ups
  • Epoxy Tooling
  • Foam Molds
  • Blow Molds
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Foundry Patterns
  • Dunnage Tooling
  • Production Machining


Welcome to Michigan Pattern Works

We believe that our goal must be to always satisfy our customer's requirements today and tomorrow.

Michigan Pattern Works, established in 1963, an ISO-9001 registered company, is a producer of checking gages, fixtures, patterns of all styles, vacuum, compression molds, and specialty machines. M.P.W. realizes that the requirements of each project vary, quantity, years running and quality requirements. In developing a gage, customer work station, specialty machine or any product to fit your needs we look at several cost issues; budget, standard equipment, facility resources, space, and training.


In today's manufacturing environment flexibility is an important priority. Increase demands for high quality, low cost components affect the way we all do business. Michigan Pattern Works continuously work to provide our customers with cost effective strategies to accomplish the tasks necessary to remain competitive within this changing market.

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